adopted parent iruka and naruto because this wouldve been pleasant and peace

gayeager asked: Makoto Tachibana or and Haruka Nanase

"I chose to start the swim club. But that was because I wanted to swim with you again. I wanted too swim in a relay with everyone again….But if you’re not there…It’s meaningless without you! I want to swim with you!

Miyuki and his nasty personality…



I really wanted to draw DS charms 


How did these dweebs even end up like this??


inspired by animaiden's oc, Ana, the sky-haired girl. 

screaming because I’m so inactive in both DA and tumblr and when I show up, I butchered someone’s oc so much orz

Get to know me; Daiya no A ver.
    ➥ Favorite Team (1/2) - Seido Baseball Team (+ chris ofc ;;~;;)


So this was posted on the bulletin board at school.


Void Heart

"I don’t know if he realizes it… but he always leaves a hole in the opponents he’s fond of in the same location as his own." -Grimmjow

Larger view [x]




Daniele Watts, an African-American actress who has starred in Hollywood films such as Django Unchained, was “handcuffed and detained” by Los Angeles police officers after being mistaken for a prostitute for kissing her white husband in public.

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"She said when she reminded the officer of his oath to "protect and serve," he replied, 'My job's not to serve people like you.' ”