But, if it weren’t for my children, I’d have thrown myself from the highest window in the Red Keep. They’re the reason I’m alive. Even Joffrey.  



imagine if one day jesus and his disciples were eating bread and wine and shit and jesus didn’t even use a fork and peter was just like “dude were you born in a barn”

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Amaura & Aurorus


If we share OTPs then we share a fucking soul.


based on this

i’m delirious on my sleeping meds and saw that headcannon and jesus christ i pushed myself to draw it. btw, drawing kids is hard.


Is that Dwayne the Brock Johnson?


The infinite patience of dogs.


a kind of sort of continuation of this post

How exactly is thinking Rose is pretty awesome and thinking Sarah Jane is pretty awesome a contradiction?
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I have no idea, to be honest.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, but I’ve never understood it.  They’re both completely awesome, badass women who traveled with the Doctor.  The idea that one is superior to the other is really subjective, and completely unsupported by either narrative.  I suspect more Rose-hating shenanigans at work…either that, or an unhealthy dose of Classic!Who elitism, which is…annoying.

Honestly, putting down one companion in order to praise another, regardless of who it is or what era they’re from, just means you’re missing out on something great, not celebrating it.

not saying what side I’m on, but part of it probably has to do with Rose’s reaction to Sarah Jane and the accompanying realization that the Doctor’s had friends before and has left them behind

Here’s my question.  Why is it that everyone bags on Rose, a young woman suddenly faced with evidence that the man she loves has not only had friends travel with him before, but has clearly cared about them deeply and now never, ever mentions them—catapulting her into the realization that one day, that will be her, making her question her own worth to him—but at the same time immediately forgive Sarah Jane, a woman so filled with bitterness and resentment about the way she was dumped by the man she loved, that she’s immediately competitive and condescending to a nineteen year old girl she knows nothing about?  Why is that everyone seems to forget that when it came to harsh words and petty jabs, Sarah Jane started it, every time?  Why do people expect Rose, who’s known for her temper and need to stand up for herself, to sit blithely by and take it?

I can understand both of their reactions, and love them all the more for them, because it’s so human.  It makes a lot more sense than if one or both of them was completely nonchalant about the whole thing.  But the obvious double standard is so incredibly irritating to me.  Also, if that’s what people remember from that episode about their characters and the relationship between them, they really missed the point.


I want to read and watch characters who are complex, deep, vexing, frustrating, lovable… I want to read and watch people wrestling with emotions, not understanding why the people they love act the way they do. I DO NOT WANT COOKIE CUTTER CHARACTERS. I want CONFLICT. I want EMOTIONS. I want to have to FIGURE THEM OUT.

Basically, everything that gallifreyslostson said, I second.

Sorry, but if you come away from School Reunion and only see Rose as the jealous, petty one - while completely glossing over Sarah Jane, Ten and Mickey’s various actions throughout - I AM SIDE-EYEING YOU EXTREMELY HARD.