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// since the only ki hong lee icons i can find are from the nine lives of chloe king, i’ve decided to try to make some of him actually in character. he’s not in the trailers much though, so i couldn’t get that many screen shots. feel free to use them, but i’d appreciate it if you liked or reblogged this post if you save them c:

i’ll update this post as i make more

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a royalrph fc pack;

Ki Hong Lee

Please like or reblog if taking/a RPCHAW! This pack contains 100+ gifs, 10 icons, and 10 (250x500) sidebars. 10 gifs were created by me and the rest found in various places. All of the icons and sidebars were created by me, please only use for yourself and please don’t use them in your own FC pack.

Gifs → Icons/Sidebars → Everything

Here is an online gallery of 192 icons, simple and unedited. Under the cut is some information and suggestions.
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gay smut someone reads

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